When I was a little kid, a good friend of the family, Danny Brown, made a big impression on me. He was a carpenter! I remember he gave me a folding knife (I was five) which I promptly used to cut myself. Later, when we moved to Atlanta, I sought out the workshop in the basement of the “buildings and grounds” department of Spelman College and offered myself as an apprentice to the resident handyman who generously allowed me to bang around in the shop. Believe it or not, I still own the shoe-shine box I built (and all too briefly used in an aborted stint as shoe-shine boy.) Way too heavy. Later, in college, I signed on as a carpenter’s helper for a guy building a huge A-Frame house. Then a gig for a weatherproofing company. Quit that job when the first snow found me navigating a 12″ wide staging plank with an inch of snow on it, 2 stories up. After college in NYC, many carpentry jobs including commercial interiors, plus some set building and standby carpenter on film and commercial shoots. I even reconnected with Danny Brown who hired me to help in a brownstone renovation. Never had a proper shop to build in until quite recently. Lastly, so proud to pass along some of my skills to Noah who has been working professionally for Cape Associates.  Here are some random  images.